Deposit investment and its benefits

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Deposits are investments or deposits offered by the bank, where withdrawals can only be taken at a certain time or in accordance with the customer’s agreement with the bank or time deposit.

That way, deposits are money that has been transferred by investors or pedomal to a savings account that has been stored in the bank.

For those of you who want to have a deposit investment, you must have the account first, and you should know that each bank has its own rules for initial deposits or account creation.

Deposit investment and its benefits

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Deposit investment and its benefits 3

Deposit Type

Deposits are differentiated based on the investment period and their own conditions. The following is a list below.

Time deposit

Time deposits are and have referred to the term of the deposit. You can choose the deposit period, starting from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, up to 2 years, which is 24 months.

The money that has been saved can of course only be taken when it is due by the party listed on the bilyet (can be an individual or an institution).

Certificate of Deposit

Certificates that do not refer to the name of a particular person or institution so that they can be transferred or sold to other parties for certain reasons.

Interest disbursement from certificates of deposit can be made in advance, monthly, or every maturity date, either cash or non-cash.

Deposit On Call

If you feel that it is not suitable for long-term deposit investments, you can try on cell deposits. This time deposit has a relatively short term, which is a minimum of seven days and a maximum of less than one month.

Profit In Deposit

One of the advantages of deposits is the higher interest rate compared to ordinary savings. In addition, deposits also guarantee the security of your money.

The next advantage, investment in the form of deposits is very suitable for those of you who are less risk-averse, aka low-risk deposits.

These deposits are issued on behalf of customers in large amounts. Disbursement of interest can be done at the time of disbursement of deposits on call.

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