Bitcoin Rises Back Almost Breaking Up To $40,000

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Bitcoin price bounced back, and almost broke through the level of US $ 40,000 on Thursday (5/8), following the buyer’s response to short-term oversold conditions.

Referring dataCoinDesk, on Thursday, the price of Bitcoin touched US $ 39,965.40. Although in the end, failed to maintain a position at the level of US $ 39,000.

At 15:41 WIB, the price of Bitcoin was at US $ 38,790.90, up 2.85% from the position 24 hours earlier.

This Time Bitcoin Price Rises Back Almost Breaking U$ 40,000

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Bitcoin Rises Back Almost Breaking Up To $40,000 3

“If BTC (Bitcoin) stays above $40,000 for a week, the chances of a breakout will increase,” Pankaj Balani, CEO of Delta Exchange, told Reuters.CoinDesk.

“We believe, a conclusive break of the US$ 40,000 level, BTC can challenge the US$ 48,000 level. On the downside, traders will be keenly watching the $36,000 level,” he said

However, some analysts expect Bitcoin’s recent price rally to fade.

“Today’s short-term recovery that halted four straight days of declines could be interpreted only as a rebound with resistance around $42,000 to $45,000,” said DailyFX analyst Michael Boutros.

In addition, a rebound in the US dollar could limit Bitcoin’s price gains in the near term, Boutros added.

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