A Fruit Trader Who Keeps Growing His Business Even In The Circumstances Of Covid-19


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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic downturn was felt by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in Indonesia. Many MSME actors have had to experience a drastic decrease in income or even go out of business in the last 1.5 years.

However, several businesses, especially MSMEs, have managed to survive and even grow during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of which is a fruit seller belonging to Dedi Supriyadi (50) years old.

This man from Tasikmalaya who sells at the Caringin Main Market, Bandung, West Java continues to survive and grow during the Covid 19 Pandemic thanks to selling petian fruit.

Dedi said that the beginning of the pandemic was the heaviest blow.

The business, which has been run for more than 30 years, experienced a slump when people were afraid to come to the market and many stalls had to close.

Moreover, the suppliers who used to send fruit made a new regulation that they had to pay upfront before sending the fruit.

Limited capital became a problem to continue running his business, but fresh air came when the government issued a National Economic Recovery policy, he joined the Working Capital Credit program from one of the state-owned banks and received additional capital of Rp. 300 million to grow his business which had slumped. .

The rupiah coffers came, while some fruit traders were resigned to the situation, they kept thinking and looking for loopholes to continue selling their coffins.

His sustenance began to open again when his efforts to offer the fruit of the chest via short messages to several parties were finally welcomed.

Pedagang Buah Di Pasar Induk Caringin
A Fruit Trader Who Keeps Growing His Business Even In The Circumstances Of Covid-19 3

With Dedi’s ability to maintain his business, he also becomes an economic support for the people who have depended on him for their lives.

For example, transport workers, and fruit crate craftsmen who keep getting orders until the owner of the truck he usually rents delivers fruit.

For the sake of turning the wheels of the economy, the government launched the National Economic Recovery Program which has been carried out since mid-2020 until now.

The form of support for MSMEs through banking is the distribution of capital loans to MSMEs affected by the pandemic, while the government has assigned Askrindo to carry out the PEN program guarantee.

PT Askrindo, which is a member of the Insurance and Guarantee Holding Indonesia Financial Group or IFG, continues to fully support the PEN program through guaranteeing working capital loans for medium, small, and micro enterprises (MSMEs).

“We carry out this government assignment as well as we can, just as we run the People’s Business Credit Guarantee (KUR) program which is still ongoing,” said PT Askrindo’s Director of Operations, Erwan Djoko Hermawan.

He added, through the PEN program, the economy is expected to recover faster.

With the various stimulus provided by the government to MSME actors as well as the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program, it is a bright light to make the business wheels of MSMEs turn again.

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